The bulk of our business is residential. It’s the nature of living in the mountains, especially if you have a little (or a lot of) land, in other words, you are not living in a development tied together with a sewage system.

We have noticed that most people put a low priority on maintaining their septic systems. We estimate there are about 40,000 systems in our service area that could use some attention.

If there was one thing we could recommend for the average home owner up here in the thin air, it would be to have a fair and honest inspection of their septic system. This evaluation is to establish a baseline as to how your system is currently performing and to get some insight as to what the homeowner can do to extend the life of the system.

If your system is over 5 years old and hasn’t been serviced then its likely to have some pressing needs. If its over 10 years old and only been pumped without a real inspection it is likely to be getting ready to cost you a lot of money. 20 years and older its very likely to be close to the end of its useful life and the homeowner needs to get a certified evaluation and some honest information about what are the best options at this point.

Review our services and see if one or more make sense for you to check into. Unless your system is brand new it’s likely there is a service you should consider having us do.

Everyone needs a solution for their waste water treatment. We are very well versed in current technology and practices being NAWT certified technicians and also users of our own septic services. Maybe a big reason we care a bit more than other companies might is because we live up here too and have the same problems and concerns as everyone else.