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Please refer to our Service / Pricing page for general descriptions of services and ball park pricing. In case of an emergency please call 719-689-7867.
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NOTE: See explanations below to clarify each question

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  1. Do you have a backed up drain emergency?
  2. Do you have slow moving drains; is toilet gurgling when washing machine runs; is there stinky water surfacing near tank or drain field?
  3. Enter Date
  4. How many people live there full time? 
    (2 people = pump every 3 years, three people = pump every 2 years, 6 or more people = yearly.)
  5. If you don’t know, how many bedrooms in the house?
    (2 bedrm= 1,000 gal; 3 bed = 1250 gal, 4 bed = 1500 gal; 5 bed = 2250 gal.) IF the house was built since about 1980 If the house was built between 1975 & 1980, probably 1,000 gal. If before 1975, single chamber unless before late 1960= cesspool (could have been updated since then)
  6. Do we know where the tank is?
  7. Can you see two large lids above the dirt?
    Most lids are 30 in diameter. Some plastic tanks only have 1 lid. Older concrete tanks (mid to late 1970) have 1 lid… before 1970 it is probably a cesspool & will usually only have 1 lid. Cesspools are illegal and must be replaced with a new system when they fail to operate. Cesspools should be pumped annually to prolong their life.
    If tank is concrete, installed earlier than 1975 & there is only 1 lid, we must dig up the other lid so we can properly pump the tank’s other chamber and inspect the baffles or identify a problem.
  8. Can we drive close to the tank with a big truck?
  9. If not close to truck, is there a tall vertical drop (or lift) to the tank from our truck access?
    Hoses are 25 feet long, first 3 hoses are free. Then $40 per hose and pump run time if over 20 minutes pumping time. The average job takes about 20 minutes of pumping time, so if yours is more difficult & takes over 20 minutes we have to charge for the over time usage on the pump.
    One tank lid visible on newer tank: you can pay us to dig, ($1/minute per man) or open the plug (80 lbs, don’t hurt your back) and take a picture then email us the picture and we will tell you where to dig for the other tank lid.
    If you have no idea where the tank is: Please call the County ( 719-686-5401) and see if they have a map of your property on file. $10 for a copy (Teller County), BEWARE: Sometimes the map is incorrect. In many cases we will need to find the tank with electronic equipment. Electronic locating is $200.
  10. Are there any white or green 4 in plastic pipes sticking up out of the ground near the house? (Called a clean out. If there are, we can usually locate the tank electronically from there.)
  11. If not, is a there a crawl space under the house with access to the main line going out of the house?
    If not, we will have to remove a toilet. ($50 extra to remove & reinstall a toilet & new seal. Only $20 extra if we remove the toilet and you reinstall it.)
  12. Is this an aerobic system?
    Aerobic systems use air bubbles to enhance the septic digestion process. These systems are found where extreme soil conditions exist and are common in this region.
    If yours is an aerobic system it will have an air-pump somewhere outside of the tank. Some pumps are near the tank, some are next to the house or in a crawl space under the house. Many air pumps look like a toaster, others look like a small air compressor.
    When the air pump quits blowing, it must be repaired or replaced. Many times the pump is running but it is not blowing air. We can repair or replace most pumps.
  13. If so, do you know which company made the tank?
  14. Aerobic tanks have an air pump and usually an alarm system. Is there an air pump?
  15. Is it running?
  16. Is there a lift station with a pump and alarm?
    A lift station is found when the drain field is higher terrain than the tank location.
  17. Does the system have a filter?
  18. In what subdivision is this tank located?
    We haul the waste anyplace beyond Woodland Park to the east we haul the waste to the main sewer plant in downtown Colorado Springs for processing. From downtown CS, the first 20 miles is free. That takes us to Wendys in Woodland Park. From Wendys, there is $1/mile round trip Fuel Surcharge on pavement and $1/minute for dirt roads if the house is far off pavement on a bumpy dirt road.
  19. Do we have a water spigot available outside the house?
    We prefer to wash the tank’s floor to remove all of the bottom layer sludge and we need fresh water for that, as well as for cleaning up the tools and rinsing any spills that sometimes happen.
  20. Will there be anyone home?
    We need someone there to sign the Load ticket for the sewer plant, and to pay our services.

We recommend that most systems get a monthly treatment of a high quality enzyme – like Rid-X, but ours is much stronger and cheaper (ours is wholesale). $50 for a 1 year supply. Our Service Technician will boost your tank with one free enzyme treatment after pumping the waste.

Some systems have a second tank for clarifying the grey water, or because the tank had to be upsized to fit the house or because of a problem. Sometimes the extra tank is ok and does not need to be cleaned. Our Service Technician will test it to determine if it needs cleaning. We do not pump systems that do not need it yet unless we are requested to for a Real Estate transaction to close.

Some aerobic systems can be quite large. We have to charge for pumping by the gallon because we pay to dump by the gallon. Larger systems cost more to pump. We will not do the job if we cannot do it properly. You are paying a lot of money, whoever you hire, to clean the tank. We get the tank clean, especially the stuff on the bottom (sludge).