About Us

Excellence!… in a “crappy” business

At Absolute Septic we take the word excellence to heart and we prove it with the different way we treat our customers. We treat their problems as if they were our own and strive to offer the very best solutions. The septic system of a home or business is one of the most expensive components of a facility. Problems here can be very costly.

The “Average Guys” are more concerned with getting in and out and on to the next pump job. At Absolute Septic we are concerned with being efficient in the use of your time and money but to us that includes educating our clients about their systems, thorough inspections, thorough pumping and cleaning, and accurate and reasonable recommendations for proper maintenance.

This Is What Sets Us Apart From The Others

The Crust Buster

The Crust Buster is a tool that we use to stir up the solids in the tank so we can pump them all out…

If you don’t do this the thick sludge in the bottom of the tank (especially in the corners) wont come up in the the pumper truck hose. The customer will have had the lighter liquids removed but there is still a volume of solids in the bottom so there is effectively less volume in the tank.

The Sludge Judge

The “Judge” is a long pipe with a valve on the end so we can take a sample of how much sludge is actually in the bottom of the tank and advise the customer accordingly based on facts.

Without a tool like this its all guesswork.

Sewer Pipe Camera

This way we can actually see the problems and make an accurate diagnosis. We also use it to locate things underground.

Again, without this or something like it when troubleshooting or inspecting you are just guessing.

Trained and Certified Inspectors

Experience can go a long way but proper training can open your eyes to things that you may not have personally experienced… yet…

We Take The Time To Be Excellent

We treat each job as if it were our system that needs attention.

If a company’s emphasis is on production then its important that the tech gets on to the next job asap. Enough said.