Excellence!...in a “Crappy” Business

(the “Crappy” part is easy;  Excellence isn’t so easy – we cannot see through the ground.)

At Absolute Septic, we strive to Educate each customer about their system.

Dr. Dew Dew…Our Fearless Leader

Going where no one has gone (or probably should ever go) before, the good Dr. finds humorous (hopefully) ways to explain the poopier side of life.

You will find his videos throughout the site and you can even check out his YOU TUBE channel…

If you find yourself short on sh*t on a regular basis you can even subscribe… 🙂

“Most people do not know a lot about their septic system, so we teach them and give them a Users Guide.  Hint: please read it – there MIGHT  be a quiz !  “

It may seem like just a kind of funny thing to say but we at Absolute Septic take excellence seriously. In every aspect of our service we strive to go above and beyond the “average”. We provide the highest quality septic and related services. We take the time, use special tools, have the extra training and a “can do” attitude that insures we will treat your system as if it is our own. Click here to see how we are different.

Whether you need:

Tanks Pumped, Inspected & Repaired
Risers & Baffles Installed
Electronic Locating
Lift Station Service
Thawing Frozen Pipes
Quality Enzyme Treatment Products

At Absolute Septic, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.